Why Hire an Answering Service For Your Criminal Law Firm

As a record expungement lawyer, you understand that your clients expect prompt and dependable service. However, your job requires you to review documents, visit with clients, file documents in court, and represent clients during court proceedings. However, managing phone calls can take much time and energy, leaving you little time and motivation to handle your most crucial tasks. Even though you want to serve your clients well, you have difficulty meeting goals since you do not accomplish many of the daily chores you set for yourself. While taking calls and handling messages is critical to your business, you could be unable to service your clients as effectively as you would like if they take all your time. As a result, you will need to hire a phone answering service for your criminal law practice. A 24-hour answering service will assist you in meeting your client's expectations, saving you time and energy and streamlining your business processes. Here are a few reasons why your legal business deserves this level of service using an attorney answering service.

You Will Never Miss Crucial Business Calls Again

Most offenders investigate ways to start over without the stigma of having a criminal record after serving time and/or probation. They will contact legal firms like yours to learn about their alternatives and retain your services to have their criminal convictions wiped from their records. Clients who have already used your service will continue to call with questions, inquiries, or assurances that their attempts to obtain expungement will yield the desired outcomes. Because it is the most convenient way to contact you today, most of these clients will call or message your office. They would rather chat with you or your partners than leave a message on your answering machine. It gives them an immediate response to their concerns.

However, because you are busy somewhere else or with another task, you could be unable to accept their calls or reply to their messages in time. It aggravates people who are already dealing with issues as a result of their criminal history. In most circumstances, your current or prospective clients will seek the services of another criminal law practice if they do not receive enough assistance and support during their time of need. That immediately results in a missed business opportunity.

As a busy record expungement attorney, you can only occasionally answer phone calls and return messages. You could miss several business calls daily if you do something else, like meeting clients outside the office or representing clients in court. If every missed call equals a lost business opportunity, your company will expand slower than you would like. You could lose most of your present and prospective clients to the competition.

Hiring a call management service for your criminal law firm establishes a direct line of communication between your clients, associates, and law firm. Someone will always be accessible to answer and reply to calls and messages from your clients. It assures your current clients that your office is still available and willing to assist them until their legal situation is resolved. It also offers potential clients the confidence to retain your law firm for legal advice and support until their legal difficulties are resolved.

It Increases Client Satisfaction

Clients pleased with your services will return whenever they have a legal problem and believe you can assist them. They will refer their friends and relatives to you and write the best online testimonials about how helpful you are as a record expungement attorney. That will keep your practice running for years, attracting clients and allowing your law firm to advance from one level to the next. But how do you ensure that all of your customers are completely satisfied?

You must make yourself accessible to them. To make your clients feel valued and appreciated, you must maintain a tight relationship with them. However, this is only possible if you efficiently handle office calls and messages. If you cannot answer your clients' calls or your office is unavailable when they require assistance and support, they will be unsatisfied. It could push them away from you and towards your competition.

By having your office open for them at all times, an answering service could boost client satisfaction. Remember that a virtual call manager is genuine; they are just what your clients require to feel understood and effectively treated. You could install an answering machine, but it will not give them the same satisfaction as conversing with a live person.

Remember that as a record expungement attorney, you can encounter clients who have suffered the heinous effects of a criminal conviction. They could have difficulty finding suitable careers, living in desirable neighborhoods, or forming meaningful connections. As a result, they require assurance that your agency will assist them in removing all of the negative consequences and disabilities associated with a conviction. They will be pleased if a genuine person provides that support.

You Experience Fewer Distractions

A busy record expungement attorney has meetings with clients, prosecutors, judges, and other essential individuals all day. The only way to have productive days is to stick to your appointments and daily schedules as much as possible. However, your clients will continue to call to inquire about the status of their claims. Prospective customers will call to inquire about your services. You will also receive calls from your coworkers discussing your open cases. Even if such calls are critical, they will likely disrupt your work and jeopardize your chances of accomplishing your objectives. They can also leave you fatigued and unmotivated to continue with your work.

Delegating responsibilities is one method for offloading some of your duties so that you can focus on the most important ones. A virtual call handler is perfect for delegating tasks connected to business calls, messages, emails, and other similar tasks. They have the knowledge and experience to handle your office calls and ensure that everyone who contacts your company is satisfied. Delegating business calls to a virtual assistant relieves you of responsibilities like answering and making business calls, receiving and responding to messages, managing social media accounts and emails, and scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling appointments. You can set daily goals and work confidently towards attaining them when there are fewer distractions. Furthermore, your clients will be more satisfied when everything is working well in your office.

It Increases Your Business’s Efficiency

The efficiency with which you conduct your tasks in your criminal law practice influences how well you deliver services. You will most likely satisfy your clients if you can meet deadlines, be available when needed, and keep their cases moving without them pressuring you. However, some jobs require more time and energy, which might reduce your efficiency, mainly when dealing with client problems.

For example, if your present and potential clients continue to phone you, you can never complete some of the things you have scheduled for the day or week. You could continue pushing important duties untill the next day due to a lack of time and energy. Before you know it, you have had a backlog of unfinished cases and dissatisfied clients looking for help elsewhere.

Proper planning and delegation are required for business efficiency. You must assign activities that can be performed professionally by others while dealing with those that require your personal attention. An answering service can be precisely what your legal practice requires. A virtual call handler is usually well-prepared to handle workplace calls and other responsibilities. They offer the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly and efficiently manage your business calls.

Your virtual assistant will also assist you in task management. They will arrange meetings for you, schedule appointments, cancel and reschedule appointments as needed, and keep you updated on your clients' needs. Your virtual assistant will also ensure that your most critical calls are forwarded to you as soon as possible. You will always be on top of things when you hire a handling service for your criminal law practice.

It Lowers Your Business’ Operation Cost

It is not cheap to run a criminal law firm. You have expenses to consider because of the assets and services you require for your firm. Remember that as a record expungement attorney, you have staff to pay monthly utilities, stationery, company equipment, and other daily expenses. You must travel to work, meet clients, go to court, and meet other people assisting you with some cases. Your law firm's income is most likely insufficient to cover its expenses. You should think about lowering your company's expenses while increasing profits. It is the only way to expand your law company.

Outsourcing is an excellent approach to reducing business expenses while also increasing efficiency. Call centers to provide higher-quality services to organizations at a lower cost. Consider how much you would pay for an in-house assistant. You must build up an office, give the appropriate equipment and supplies, train them, and pay them monthly compensation. For even better efficiency, you should retrain your call handler regularly.

When it comes to a virtual assistant, you never pay such costs. The call center that provides you with call-handling services handles everything, including hiring, training, equipping, and retraining. You simply have to pay once for the services you receive. This dramatically cuts your budget.

A well-trained call handler will also endeavor to expand your business and recruit new customers. It also enhances your earnings.

It Gives Your Law Firm a Professional Image

In the service industry, first impressions are everything. When clients phone your office, how they are treated determines whether they will call back, retain your services, or seek help elsewhere. You must consider this as a record expungement attorney if you want to stay in the sector for many years. What your business callers think of your law firm is critical since it could be the reason your business is where it is. A professional image will attract clients and keep you serving more clients in the future.

When you or someone else in your workplace handles business calls, it can be challenging to maintain a professional tone when you are overburdened with other tasks. If a potential client phones when you are in the middle of a meeting, for example, you will rush them through the call so that you can return to the meeting. You cannot always supply the answers they seek when you are busy with another task. Because they do not interact well with you, they could be directed to your competition.

Virtual call handlers work hard to provide your law firm with the finest first impression and professional image possible. They answer every phone call professionally and treat everyone who calls your office with dignity. They are patient enough to listen, understand, and meet the caller's demands. They do not hurry your clients or potential clients because each call to your office is essential.

Your virtual assistant will be your marketing partner as well. They will do their best to give the most remarkable impression of your company to keep your callers coming back because they will deal directly with your present and potential clients. You can provide your call handler with whatever business information you want people who call your office to know. That way, you should acquire more business deals sooner.


Call handling takes time and energy if you perform it in addition to your other responsibilities as a record expungement attorney. It will take so long. This will leave you exhausted and reluctant to assist your clients. This will affect your business. However, an answering service can relieve you of time-consuming tasks and enable you to focus on building your law firm. Hiring a call-handling service will provide your legal practice numerous benefits, including increased revenue, lower expenses, enhanced efficiency, a stronger connection to your clients, and round-the-clock availability. If you are still having trouble handling your office calls and messages, it is time to hire a virtual assistant.

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