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David J. Ruyle, Jr. is a San Diego native and has been a California attorney since 2004. He is a proud graduate of the
faith based Baylor University for his undergrad and graduate work at Trinity Law School. He began his practice of law
with his father and brother.

Mr. Ruyle focuses his practice on criminal defense, which includes felonies, misdemeanors, in particular DUIs throughout
Southern California and Restraining Orders. His clients find him professional, approachable and accessible. He is able
to provide a realistic outlook for each client after a thorough evaluation of the evidence in each case mixed with his
years of experience working in various courthouses and with numerous prosecutors and before many judges.

Mr. Ruyle is also a former Police Officer. After becoming an attorney he became a Police Officer as a desire to fill his
interest in public service but also to help get a firsthand view of the criminal justice system outside of the
courtroom. He takes the responsibility of each case from start to finish.

Mr. Ruyle establishes a special repoire with his clients that have allowed them to more freely communicate and help him
understand what else is going in their lives besides their arrest or dispute.

Mr. Ruyle maintains a secure online client management program that allows each clients access to their case and
communicate with Mr. Ruyle, 24/7. Client’s receive notices of any new updates automatically and reminders of important
calendared events via text message.


Thomas Filicia, the firms attorney, is an integral part of the legal team. He’s responsible for conducting a thorough
initial evaluation of each case so as to be able to help the team formulate a strategy for providing the client with the
best possible defense. His commitment to excellence, communication, and teamwork make him an incredibly valuable

Mr. Filicia was born and raised in California and attended law school at the Syracuse University College of Law. Before
law school, he studied Communications at Loyola Marymount and earned a degree in philosophy from Saint John’s
University, where he participated in national Ethics Debate competitions. During law school, he served as clerk for a
law firm that did many criminal appeal cases. During this period, he became proficient in drafting appellate briefs in a
variety of areas of criminal law.


Mr. Samuel Sue. He has more than twenty years of legal experience and will be an invaluable addition to our efforts in
case development. By meeting with you at the preliminary stages of your case, he can properly prepare you for your legal

Interacting with Mr. Sue at these early stages of your proceedings ensures that your entire legal team will have a
strategic approach that has been customized to fit your particular needs. Mr. Sue also enlists the help of outside
consultants who have previously worked in law enforcement to act as investigators on your case. Furthermore, he will
never fail to listen to every client and collect all this information to then present to the firm’s Supervising

Mr. Sue’s education and experience are extensive. He received his bachelor’s from a university called Wake Forest, which
was then followed up with an International Studies graduate degree from Washington DC’s American University. Mr. Sue
received his degree to practice law from the prestigious San Diego institution known as Thomas Jefferson School of Law,
where he also worked as an instructor on international issues. He then followed this up with an advanced degree in law
and a thesis on International Tax, working with a prestigious law firm handling estates and trusts, and finally
publishing a dissertation to receive a doctorate in tax laws and international finance.

In addition to these impressive achievements, Mr. Sue became a fully licensed investment advisor as well. Consequently,
he has worked as a planner and consultant for companies and individuals in various estates and financial affairs. He has
had to customize the overall policy and strategy of each client to always protect their investments and assets.

Mr. Sue also has extensive experience in international affairs. He has also worked with various overseas corporations to
help them secure the proper legal permission to conduct business in the American marketplace. He also belongs to the
immigration lawyers organization known as the AILA. Furthermore, he has fought on behalf of immigrants to help them gain
legal employment, residency status, and even American citizenship. Consequently, he has accumulated 20 years-worth of
legal experience in law and immigration, meaning he can directly help any prospective clients who are not American

Mr. Sue uses his formidable professional and academic achievements to be the primary point person in gathering all the
requisite information needed to develop a winning legal strategy. He does so by working with you, our other attorneys,
and outside investigators who help us on our various cases. This is because it is absolutely crucial that all the
pertinent data and facts are gathered, analyzed, and then applied to develop a winning legal strategy.


At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, our sole goal is to help our clients put their conviction records behind
them, and make a fresh start. Unlike most criminal defense law firms, we differentiate ourselves by focusing exclusively
on record clearing cases and expungements. Doing so allows us to provide quality representation at affordable flat rate


As noted above, our firm understands that every case truly is unique. As such, we pride ourselves on setting aside the
necessary time to fully understand our clients’ needs. Getting to know our clients on a more personal level allows us to
prepare the strongest available arguments to the court. We believe this is what has allowed us to have such high success
rates, even for our clients who are still on probation. Our firm has the experience required to have your case handled
properly. When it comes to clearing your record, don’t settle for anything less.


Our firm prides itself on being completely upfront and honest with our clients, and our ability to offer competitive
fees. We will never hit you with any surprises or hidden costs. After your initial consultation, you will know the
entire flat fee amount for us to handle your case.


At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, we know that open and honest line of communication is required when
providing the best available representation. Therefore, we make it a priority for our attorneys to be readily available.
Each of our clients is given the personal email address, and cell phone number, of the attorney assigned to handle their
case. Because will bill on a flat fee basis, you will never be charged a fee for emails or phone calls to your attorney.
In fact, we find it helpful when our clients contact us when questions or new developments in their cases arise.
Additionally, our clients are given 24/7 access to their file via our secure case management software. Simply by logging
onto your client-portal, you can see the work being done on your case in real time.


Don’t let your conviction record hold you back any longer. Take the first step in making a fresh start by contacting our
office today. Our attorneys will help clear your record and open the door to the opportunities you have been looking
for. Call us today at 619-577-4081 to schedule your free consultation.

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