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Mr. Filicia was born and raised in San Diego and has resided there for most of his life. His practice is dedicated exclusively to assisting his client’s clear their criminal records.

Mr. Filicia earned his law degree at the Syracuse University College of Law, where he developed a passion for criminal defense.  While pursuing his J.D., he clerked for a law firm that primarily focused on criminal appellate law.  After spending in some time in the criminal defense field, it became apparent to him that too many clients were being hampered by their conviction records, well after their cases had concluded.  With this in mind, Mr. Filicia has made it his focus to help each of his clients move forward with a clean slate and put their conviction records behind them.  

Mr. Filicia’s firm has successfully handled various types of record clearing cases throughout each of the San Diego County Criminal Courts.  These have included: Expungements, Petitions to Seal Arrest Records, Petitions for Dismissal, Petitions to Reduce Felony Convictions to Misdemeanors, and Motions for Early Termination of Probation.   

It is his firm’s policy that no two cases are alike and that in order to determine the best plan of attack to clear your record, a true understanding of your specific needs is required.  As such, Mr. Filicia always provides a free initial consultation, to discuss why you are seeking to clear your record, and what your specific goals are.  

If you, or someone you know, is being held back because of their criminal record, contact Thomas J. Filicia and the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm today.   



At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, our sole goal is to help our clients put their conviction records behind them, and make a fresh start. Unlike most criminal defense law firms, we differentiate ourselves by focusing exclusively on record clearing cases and expungements.  Doing so allows us to provide quality representation at affordable flat rate prices.    


As noted above, our firm understands that every case truly is unique.  As such, we pride ourselves on setting aside the necessary time to fully understand our clients’ needs.  Getting to know our clients on a more personal level allows us to prepare the strongest available arguments to the court.  We believe this is what has allowed us to have such high success rates, even for our clients who are still on probation.  Our firm has the experience required to have your case handled properly.  When it comes to clearing your record, don’t settle for anything less.  


Our firm prides itself on being completely upfront and honest with our clients, and our ability to offer competitive fees. We will never hit you with any surprises or hidden costs.  After your initial consultation, you will know the entire flat fee amount for us to handle your case. 


At the Record Expungement Attorney Law Firm, we know that open and honest line of communication is required when providing the best available representation. Therefore, we make it a priority for our attorneys to be readily available.  Each of our clients is given the personal email address, and cell phone number, of the attorney assigned to handle their case.  Because will bill on a flat fee basis, you will never be charged a fee for emails or phone calls to your attorney.  In fact, we find it helpful when our clients contact us when questions or new developments in their cases arise.  Additionally, our clients are given 24/7 access to their file via our secure case management software.  Simply by logging onto your client-portal, you can see the work being done on your case in real time.   


Don’t let your conviction record hold you back any longer.  Take the first step in making a fresh start by contacting our office today.  Our attorneys will help clear your record and open the door to the opportunities you have been looking for.  Call us today at 619-577-4081 to schedule your free consultation.

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